Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Read a good book lately?

In one of Rian's emails to me, she asked if I had read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I've seen it everywhere and when it hit the popular bookshelves I was busy thinking about some other things. So, I had to confess that I hadn't read it. . . or much of anything lately, really.

So, with my upcoming trip to Nashville I decided to visit the bookstore and buy the paperback edition of the Da Vinci Code. In case you don't know, it is not in paperback & the original edition costs about $25/hardback. There is a new edition with pictures and it is in the $27 range. I fiddled around with it and asked some questions of the helpful clerk. I have trouble making decisions sometimes.

I really didn't want to lug a hardback on the plane with me (& I didn't want to spend $25) so she suggested I read the first of Brown's books that introduces Robert Langdon as the Symbologist in the story; that book is Angels & Demons.

Since I am not a Catholic everything in the book was news to me. I couldn't tell you the facts from the fiction. I do think that besides following the storyline, I did learn some religious thought and some art history. The book is like a whirlwind tour through Rome and the Vatican City via art and symbols. It seemed an added bonus to me.

I don't know what the Da Vinci Code is about but I have an idea. While I thought Brown got a little long winded towards the end, I did enjoy the book, even if some of it was a bit contrived. I just reminded myself that it was a fictional book.

On another note
While visiting the Rau Collection exhibit this weekend at the Tennessee State Museum, I encountered an interesting piece that showed St. Veronica holding a cloth with the image of Jesus' face on it.

Prior to beginning this study of the Madonna, I would have looked at this Classic painting and gone on about my visit. Now, it gave me reason to pause. The legend is interesting but the arrangement of the painting was also interesting! Here is St. Veronica holding a piece of fabric like she is getting ready to hang it on the clothesline. What a great way to show a Madonna piece. . . . . hmm, something to think about. . . .

Ideas do crop up everywhere, don't they? Where do you find inspiration??

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