Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Power of Suggestions

I am mulling over in my mind Rian's comment about Mary as a common mother here on earth.

During the times that I have been thinking about my fall piece, I have not been thinking of Mary quite in those terms. When I think of Earth Mother, I think of materials from the earth; shells, rocks, leaves, twigs, linen, cotton, paper--those things that come from the earth and give something "an earthy quality" about them.

I just figured that was what it all meant so when Rian, who was only reading my information (we have not talked about this), perceived what I was trying to say in a new light, I found that immensely interesting.

Barbara has also mentioned that she has some things to send me "now that she has seen my supplies". Here is another example of wonder to me. How will Barbara interpret my idea through pictures with her own supplies?

Isn't it wonderful that we can have this kind of interaction without even talking to one another? that someone can read a comment and influence thinking in a whole new way? that someone can see some pictures and know what to contribute?

I do like Rian's idea of interpreting Mary as a common mother here on earth. I wonder how I will do that?? hmmm. more food for thought.

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