Wednesday, September 28, 2005

From Barbara to Me!

Fall Madonna Supplies from Barbara
Anticipation is fun! Barbara wrote me that she had sent a package of supplies that might be inspirational for my fall Madonna piece. When Hurricane Rita interrupted mail service, I put the message out of my mind. Yesterday's mail arrived!

Barbara's package was filled with all kinds of cool, funky things that I can surely use. I can see that we would be horrible shopping partners going home mad at the end of the excursion. We have very similiar taste! I can see us racing to get to the table first so we could grab up all the goodies. Or, maybe I am just speaking of myself! *wink*

I love everything that arrived. Now I am thinking that I must have it all and make the piece much bigger than I planned at first. Just another example of how my projects get out of control!

Barbara sent some interesting paper beads (did you make them??). I've seen the directions for them for years but never tried them--one of those "one of these days" projects. They are very cool! In case you are not familiar with paper beads: long skinny triangular strips of paper (usually magazine pages), rolled onto something tubular (these are very small so maybe a knitting needle?) like a straw, dabbed with clear glue and set to dry. The color variations can be quite lovely. Another great recycling idea too! They can be made any which way and still come out fab!

The buttons are unique too---especially the little checked cross ones. You can see them in the photo. They are my favorites along with the robin egg speckled blue ones and the heavy wooden ones. Vintage rules!

I also feel special to have one of Rachel's crocheted doilies. I bet she will be thrilled to have it adorn a Madonna piece.

Thank you so much, Barbara! please tell us where you got some of these great supplies. I did see the hospice thrift store tag on the glittery white piece (I may save it for the winter Madonna--she is going to be all glittery.)& I believe I recognize the yo-yos from your current piece. Now I remember why I never hooked onto that technique! My companion to those yo-yos---handpieced hexagons. I'll get them done one of these days.

Tell me. What can I send to you? Now that your La Ofrenda is done maybe you have a thought or two about the fall piece?? Inquiring minds want to know. . . .


Two Madonna Gals said...

I'm glad the package arrived! I had a feeling that these things would speak to you. I did mean for you to save the white sparkly fabric for your winter madonna, and I have a piece for my winter madonna also. I made the yo-yos and the paper beads years ago, and have been saving them for awhile. I at one time I imagined making a yo-yo quilt, but gave up and have used them as embellishments ever since. I used a thin straw to make the beads. The bark cloth (which is the same one I used in my Ofrenda) and the buttons are from my inheirited stash from Dorothy. One day we'll go thrift store shopping together and clean the place out. Barbara

Debra Spincic said...

It should be fun to see what we both do with the white glittery fabric.

I would like to get started on my fall piece but I still have the AIC to do and it is going to be an important one for me. Where does the time go? I feel like I work everyday and still I have work to do. I cannot imagine what you must feel like rushing off to the university & your challenges there.