Monday, September 11, 2006

Rose Pictures

I like the definition the beads around the outside edge give the rose sections. I also think I can use more rose motifs in some other "problem" areas effectively. For once, I like what is happening here!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Pictures

Photographing this piece is challenging. If I get too close to the blocks, the images are blurry. If I get too far away, the details don't show. Please suffer through these with me!

I loved the snowflake effect this Madonna ended up having with the bugle beads. (The image of the Madonna on this is clear in reality.)

I worked on this block today adding more beads, leaves and button clusters. Finally I had to stop! I wanted to keep the lower Madonna more subtle. I may still have some work to do to get this to blend better. And I thought I was done, sigh.

I added some greenery to the blue buttons and rays to the halo, beads to the flower at the bottom. I still have to embellish the Madonna on the right.

These started out as 3 simple buttons and then they became a little garden.

I added pearls to the cross buttons.

I couldn't get a good detail shot here but I added some beads (oomph) to the buttons leading to the lavender rose.

Overall size is 42" x 42"

Do you think I should embellish around the roses in the 2 top squares? I am inclined to leave them alone.

My next step once I have the Madonnas as I want them is to break up the 2 straight lines of trim that divide the middle section. I don't like how I crookedly sewed on one of the trims and I think it could be more interesting with something done to it. I am contemplating a banner saying, "Mary, Queen of Roses" with a small ribbon bouquet or some ribbon roses.

I also plan to machine embroider some kind of stitch along the navy bias tape band so it has some definition (or not). I am not planning to embellish the light blue areas at all (except a sequin fell on there today and looked pretty good but that could take forever. . . .)

Comments are welcome.