Monday, September 26, 2005

La Ofrenda (42x43)

I feel like I've been making this quilt for my whole life, but now it's done! I sometimes get a very ambivalent feeling about finishing a quilt, and this one has particularly been hard to finish, perhaps because I wanted it to turn out so well. I really like the colors, but I'm sure I'll think of things I'll wish I'd done differently in terms of composition. But anyway, here she is. "La Ofrenda"

And there I am--reflected in my work, so to speak--that's a real hand mirror I put in the middle of this quilt.

I have more detailed photos with explanations in my webshots album. You can use the link on the right to view my photos. I'm ready for the next quilt in this series.--Barbara


Debra Spincic said...

I was hoping that you would post the picture of yourself! fun, fun pic!!

I was handquilting my AIC last night thinking about my fall Madonna piece. I need to get rolling on that one too. We move along at a fast clip, don't we?

Wonderful piece. It appeals to me in so many ways; reminds me of the 50s for some reason (maybe the "wallpaper"). Anyway, I love it!

Sonji Hunt said...

I love that you stuck a real hand mirror on your quilt! Way to go. Love it.

Rian said...

Barbara, I love the mirror! The whole piece reminds me of my grandmother's dresser.