Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Relief

Debra has an entry in her blog on August 31 about one of the several efforts to make quilts for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Of course people also need donations of cash and food and water that many of us are making as well, but these quilts are not only for bodily comfort, but are also for emotional and spiritual support. We want the victims know that we recognize their terrible loses. Over the weekend I made these two simple quilts. This one is a stripy made from some left over pieced sections and augmented with coordinating fabrics.

The second quilt is a "shoebox" quilt. I made the top some time ago from leftover blocks. It was hanging in my closet, because it was long and skinny, and I thought I'd add to the sides as time went by. Well this was a perfect cot/ twin sized quilt, so I layered it along with the pink quilt.

I used flannel instead of batting (I recycle old sheets) and so they only needed basic quilting. I bound them by turning the backing to the front edges and topstitching.

These quilts are also for the makers. We need to feel that we can do something meaningful in the face of such overwhelming devastation. I'm sure I'll make more of these.


Rian said...

Barbara, I love the style of these quilts that look like three quilts laid on top of each other.

Debra Spincic said...

B, I love the freedom of your quilts! I am finding this such a wonderful way to loosen that tight grip I have on my fabrics. Your quilts are just great! Where are you sending them?

Two Madonna Gals said...

Our guild organized a drive and I just dropped them off at the LQS. They're mailing them off today, perhaps to the AQS drive--I'm not sure. I'm going to make a couple of more quilts, so if you've got recomendations of places to send them, let me know. Barbara

Debra Spincic said...

If you have a way to get them to the AQS without any hassle, I'd stick with that method.

Bonnie said...

I love these!! I found your link on your email you sent to join quilt mavericks and I had to check it out....the scrappy quilts are the ones that call out to me the most! Art is great, but I wasn't blessed in that way....however, strippy scrappy, throw it all in there quilts make me go wahhoooo! I'm glad to have you in quilt mavericks, and I hope you'll post these scrappy quilts to the blog that you have listed for that ring....LOVE THEM!