Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pink Madonna--Round 2

I was able to add my part to the Pink Madonna this week. As luck would have it, I had some pieced blocks and embroidery that I had already done. They worked marvelously for what I was trying to show. In my mind, Our Lady of Guadalupe is a folk art madonna; resplendid in her patchwork clothes so I wanted to further emphasis the bright colors Barbara started with in my round. There will be much hand embroidery and embellishments added so I tried to be sensitive to that when embroidering the ribbon. I have really started to enjoy the word ribbons and feel like this is one piece where I could use them effectively.

So, now it is into the mail to Barbara so she can add her part, the final borders. Then, the handwork begins!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Pink Madonna

Barbara and I are going to do some Madonna pieces this year where we pass the piece back and forth between us so each can add her own touch to the artwork. The first piece is this one, Pink Madonna.
The central Madonna is a printed fabric that Barbara had. I had given her the embroidered blocks when we met at PIQF 2008 and she added them to the Madonna to sew this arrangement. Now it is my turn to add a few rows of what I want before returning it to Barbara for her next ideas--a bit of a 2 person round robin, I guess. I thought you might like to see our Madonna piece develop as we stitch.

Now, for my part!