Saturday, July 02, 2005

Barbara's Gold Madonna

Here's another Madonna I made as part of a series of icons that included Frida Kahlo and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I love this Madonna because she has such a sweet and modern face, and she also is a dead ringer for my cousin Dina. The baby Jesus, on the other hand reminds me of my nephew Nick when he was a baby. He is now a strapping young adult with size 13 feet. I made this icon for my mom, who loves religious art. She took it to get blessed by her parish priest, and keeps it in her room.

One challenge to working with these existing images is to do more than make frames for them, which is what I did here just to get a feel for things. Although I love the gold brocade frame, which I cut from a special piece of fabric given to me by a family friend many years ago, I want to look for ways to say new things about these icons.

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