Saturday, July 02, 2005

Two Women who can Agree

Barbara & I have been able to format our collaboration in fine style. We are planning to do 4 individual wallhangings centered around the 4 seasons & one general wallhanging that we work on together. Each of us will do our own seasonal piece but we will have a common element that we both use in that piece. Our plan will be to make 9 wallhangings, maintain this blog as a journal and possibly delve into some shared Madonna journals and retablos. We plan to have a public showing when all the pieces are finished sometime during the Summer of 2006.

The summer piece will be our first piece(s) and it is the result of the Hoffman Challenge. I would not even be here if it weren't for a mutual friend of both Barbara and me, Rian (see Rian's Pages in our favorite blog/sidebar). She inspired me to grab that ugly Hoffman fabric and do something with it! My first effort was less than special and so I began playing with some favorite fabrics & the Alexander Henry printed Virgin of Guadalupe to produce what is now my Hoffman Challenge entry.

Once Barbara saw the preliminary piece, she was eager to try some of her Madonna ideas. And with that, the Madonna Idea was born.

My piece is currently winging its way home from the machine quilter, Debra Freese. She has just moved to Kansas but her work is such that I am willing to send my pieces to her to quilt. We talked on the phone & I am expecting The Lady! to arrive by Wednesday. Then, it will be fast and furious embellishing to get her done for the August 1st deadline.

Progress reports and pictures to follow! ~~~Debra

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Mary K said...

I love your work. I have been quilting but for a couple of years. When I started Debra Freese was here in Texas and then she moved. I am in desperate need of her wonderful work again and cannot seem to find her new address. She is phenomenal and I only trust her with my quilting.I would appreciate any help you could give me in this respect. Thank you, Mary