Sunday, July 10, 2005

Barbara Digresses and Posts a Digital Bouquet

I'm waiting for the Alexander Henry fabric to arrive from Debra. She generously offered to send me some, since I couldn't find it locally. I can't wait, but our mail delivery can be slow, so in the meantime, I'm practicing on my new digital camera. Now, technology is not generally my friend. New things appeal to me, but I don't relish the idea of figuring out how they work. I prefer that someone just give me the highpoints. This is where teenagers come in handy, and I have two roaming the halls of my house, eating at all hours, needing rides and playing loud music through their headphones, so occasionally, I can get them to help me with these things, after, of course, the obligatory eye-roll and "Oh, moooom!"

But the digital camera was very easy to figure out. The Canon people have a very nice poster-sized directions sheet that gives you all the quick and dirty info you need to get started. There was no eye-rolling. I started taking pictures right away, and never got confused. Now with my rechargeable batteries and ridiculously large memory card, I feel armed to take pictures of everything around me, especially of the Madonna project.

But in the meantime, I'm practicing on things in my world. Here are some flowers--the white one is from my garden. The Madonna is associated with roses, but in this digital bouquet we have: an oriental poppy and a huge (6-8" across ) pink lily from the local nursery.

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Two Madonna Gals said...

Dang! Lovely. . .I couldn't live without my digital these days!