Thursday, July 14, 2005

Old Earrings Resurface--You wore those??

Who would have thought those tacky old earrings would lead a double life embellishing my precious Madonna?

I am making some headway--thankfully with rhinestone studs and beads on a thread that I can sew on by machine. Kudos to the person who invented those & the foot attachment to use with them.

I want everyone to know that I can do asymmetrical arrangements but this one just screams, "Balance me!" So, when that message is so loud (& easy) why fight it?? I am feeling more optimistic today!
I can see that I will have numerous days next week handsewing little beads; but, the next couple of days, I am trying to get as much machine work done first.

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Rian said...

Debra, it's really coming along nicely, No, I don't think you're over the top yet. Be still and listen: Let her be your guide as to what she needs/wants.