Monday, July 11, 2005

Debra's The Lady!

I would have to say Hands Down that the Sunflower is my favorite flower. I feel about the average Sunflower much like I feel about the Madonna--I don't know why I like it but I do. So, it is the first flower that I picked for representing the summer Madonna that will be entered in the Hoffman Challenge.

I want my piece to represent the images of Mexico and the passion that the Mexican people feel towards the Virgin of Guadalupe. My fabric choices were based on that impression. I want the piece to show the energy, the love and the cheerfulness that vibrant colors spark within me too.

While I struggled with the first Hoffman Challenge piece I tried and ditched, this piece came together quickly and intuitively. I often debate myself with the question, "Could it be this easy?". I always have to make projects I do harder than they need to be---what's with that? It's not good unless you struggled?? Someone tell me to take a break!

I sent my piece off to be quilted. In some remote part of my brain, I would like to think of myself as a Risktaker but truth be known, I am no Risktaker; at least not in the grand scheme of things. But, I did risk sending my quilt to Deb to be quilted. I totally trust Deb with my quilts but if I am no Risktaker, she is even less of one. She even told me that she prefers to see the finished design first with her quilting. I am a little riskier than that--but I don't like surprise--not in that sense. So, I was surprised when the little piece returned to me and the Quilting was Lovely! Deb really moved out of her comfort zone to quilt My Lady! for me. (And, wrote me to say that this piece was a pain with all the thread color changes too. oops.)

Now The Lady! is waiting for her crown. The final stages are upon us. It is time for embellishing. I've gathered the supplies--felt compelled to run around looking for new doodads and geegaws knowing full well that I had enough in my larder already. But, I had looked at all those beads sooo many times. I just needed some new ones.

This week is dedicated to finishing The Lady! If the first part was easy then this part is tedious & boring. After the first rush of deciding where everything will be placed, it's nothing but handsewing those buggers on. But, The Lady! deserves the attention and as I sit in my studio surrounded by my other Madonnas I can reflect on the thought that this Madonna took 10 years to design in my head and a few weeks to design in life---hmmm, easy? well, maybe not! ~~~Debra


Two Madonna Gals said...

Beautiful work! I love that the crosses are pink. I love the movement of the flowers under her feet, and the arch of roses behind her. --Barbara

Elle said...

I really like the colors and patterns in this piece.

I love sunflowers too...