Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Go Ahead and Cut the Ribbon!

I am not being bold enough. . . the glitz is not showing. Rats!

This is hard----should I add more? open those reels of ribbon and actually cut them?? Oh, please! really?

I always have trouble at this stage--adding the "stuff". I should have more abandon but I don't have it Yet.

Everything I bought matches the background colors---that wasn't supposed to happen. Sheesh.

Well, check out the flower ideas I have laid out from other parts. I like these!


Rian said...

Go ahead--add more glitz! How about some of those stick on crystals? They are supposedly (I can't find them around here) very permanent. A surprising number of the 2004 Hoffman Challenge traveling quilts are embellished with stick-on crystals.

Two Madonna Gals said...

Yea, it looks good up close but not much of a statement from a few feet away--must be why Tammie Faye Baker wore so much mascara. Or was that just bad taste?

I bought a bunch of rhinestone studs & they are going on today. Check out the new pic!