Sunday, September 11, 2005

Mary, Earth Mother

Mary Transfers
Before Hurricane Katrina hit and changed some of my quilting priorities, I was ready to begin work on my fall Madonna quilt. I have been looking at the pile of supplies accumulating in my studio and decided that it was time to share my ideas for them with you.

Barbara and I agreed that we would base our 4 individual projects on the 4 seasons. With Fall close at hand, I have decided to portray Mary as an Earth Mother. I want to use humble supplies that I think befitting a woman who I view as "walking amongst the people", as I think Mary does on a daily basis. I want to show Mary as a gentle woman, happy with her child in even the most simple of adornments.

All summer I have been collecting supplies from my trips to the thrift stores. With a keen eye, I have come across what I hope will be some gracious trimmings and fabric for the Earth Mother. I also want to include mementos from friends.

My plan is to use a simple design but embellish it with some crazy quilting, beading, linens, crochetted items, old jewelry and some ribbons. I plan to use some primitive transfers so that Mary's image has an aged, old look. I do not use a lot of muted colors in my normal quilts but I do like the patina of aged work. There is something very gratifying in rescuing linens, laces and buttons for such a project. I plan to explore & express my thoughts with these "new to me" items.

Paisley Linen
This is a beautiful piece of linen. I love the paisley design and the roses above. For me, this is the defining piece of my Earth Mother.

Supporting Fabrics
Here are some of the supporting fabrics. They include an abstract designed rayon piece, some palm leaf cottons. a geometric, and roses. I have also collected some "aged" doilies and a beautiful rich brown tissue faille.

I bought a mixed box of old laces and linens on eBay and plan to incorporate them along with some folk hearts that Rian gave me. I have a pile of junk jewelry, leis from Hawaii, and some great beads, crosses and hearts. Buttons, ribbons and other trinkets will follow suit.Embellishments
More Embellishments

I plan to rubber stamp and stencil words for this quilt. I have not decided upon the words yet but I want them to reflect the relationship that Mary has with those who believe in her power. I plan to put the words on ribbons, tapes and sew them into the main grid of the design.

Mary Fabric
Here is another fabric that epitomizes how I envision Mary in my Fall quilt.

Please join me and Barbara as we begin planning and working on our Fall Madonna pieces. Our Reveal Deadline is the middle of November. We'll post progress pictures as we make some progress! ~~~Debra


Two Madonna Gals said...

Oh, Debra, what treasures! I love your color palette, and you have so many unique and beautiful materials. Now that I see what you're working with, I'm going to send you a couple of additional things. This one's going to be fun.

Caitlin said...

YUMMY! Oh, I'm really looking forward to seeing this!

Debra Spincic said...

Barbara, absolutely--I'd love to include something from you in my piece. Makes it more fun!

Caitlin, seeing the pieces in front of me last night felt like the quilt almost made itself!

Rian said...

Debra, this is going to be an incredible work! Just looking at your collection of trinkets and other findings is exciting. I can't wait to see this all come together. I love the idea of portraying Mary as an everyday mother in her community. Cooking, cleaning, telling her kid to stop playing in the mud and to rinse off his sandals before he comes in.

The word "Grace" comes to mind, as in full of grace or being in a state of grace.