Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost done! (Debra)

Yesterday's sewing frenzy put my piece well into the "almost finished" category! I am not quilting this piece. It has been heavily interfaced with either machine embroidery stabilizer under the CQ blocks or with Decor Bond in the other areas. It will be firm when it is totally done. I may do a little tack stitch in a few places but it should be ready to go without it.
I did the broderie perse last night. I had not tried any machine applique on my Janome. Boy, what a dream! I can see more of that technique showing up in future work. The floral print was a Tracy Porter print. I used invisible thread for the overcasting. Today I will add a few machine embroidered monarch butterflies in amongst the leaves and flowers.
The bottom corners will be red/orange 4" CQ blocks; unless I find they are too time-consuming to make. The 5" ones in the main section of the piece were about 20 minutes per block.
I am not quite sure what to do at the top. Wes even got into the spirit of pulling fabrics last night as candidates! What do you think should happen at the top? I have until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon to get my CD with the image to the post office for my Aug 1st postmark.
Any suggestions for a name? The theme of the show is Perspectives: Any way you look at it


Barbara C said...

Debra I like the shape without filling in the bottom corners. Binding that inner corner is bit tricky, but I think it makes the whole piece look like more like a tryptic with separate panels. I also think it makes it feel expansive, as if it's throwing itself open.

Lovely work. I'd put a narrow binding in one of those blues on the whole thing. I'm at a loss for titles right now.

Barbara C said...

On second thought...maybe take "Love" as the title from the heart (?)

Debra Spincic said...

I had thought of making the 3 panels separate and I have a filmy scarf I was going to use at the top but abandoned the scarf as too filmy. What I might do is bind the 3 sections separately and then attach them as one unit to the top header.

I have a nice (new) curtain rod that is black with gold antiquing and the finials are leaves that I was going to offer for hanging if my piece is accepted. The set also has antiqued gold rings that I could sew at the top of the wallhanging. So, I need the top to be stable, which I could do with interfacing (but not the filmy scarf).

I have a little time to think about it while I embroider the butterflies. Not making the corner blocks would save me a few hours. I do like the effect of an opening--kind of like a cabinet (or a person's chest) opening to reveal the inner thoughts. (Hmm, maybe there is a title in that somewhere.)

Let's keep brainstorming with this one!

Rian said...

I like the shape, too. It was the first thing that struck me.

How about "Remember" or "Remember Them"

Requiem? Siempre?

Beautiful work. I'm digging it.

Kay said...

I also like the shape. For the top, shouldn't it be somehow architectural to follow through on the triptych idea. Maybe something dark and simple that would give a frame-like effect.