Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday's Work (Debra)

Sunday found me hard at work in the Studio. I foresee another long day of work today. August 1st looms around the corner. I would hate to miss the deadline; especially since I have gotten so "into" this piece. It has been a delight from the very beginning and although, there is plenty to do, it is not a strain doing it. You know how some projects just will never end? This doesn't feel like that kind of project.

I had to laugh at Allie's comment! Yes, Will would love this piece. He was quite fond of skeletons.

My plan is for the little madonna and Will's panels to be loose. Today I will finish embellishing them and close the back. Then, I can sew the sections of the top half together. I started playing with the idea of a table last night. I pulled out all my old doilies (and yes, I auditioned the yellow ones, Barbara, but they were too bright) and actually like the effect. It shows nicer in person. Then, I started playing with adding the lace to the broderie perse panel(s). We'll see how that plays out.


Barbara C said...

You're really zipping along! All the elements are really coming together. That broidery perse branch is a very nice touch. I assume you're going to raw-edge applique it down (?)

dee said...

Gosh Debra, words can't express how much I am enjoying seeing this piece come together. Barbara's looks really cool too. You two are just amazing artists. You wouldn't think these Day of the Dead fabrics would be so joyous and yet they really are. It's Bon Odori Festival time in Japan right now. They honor the dead with celebrations like this. Lanterns, offerings, and celebrations-wonderful.

Samantha said...

Oh, I do love this.

Rian said...

It is wonderful serendipity how your crazy piecing and stitching are coming together and complementing the panels of the Madonna and Will's memorial. It's like it is a grand culmination of all your styles to date.

Good luck making the deadline. Sew like the wind.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I just love this. Can't wait to see it finished.