Monday, November 07, 2005

Our Lady of the Trees

This turned out to be a fun and fulfilling project. I'm still working on the laborious hand work on my Gold Madonna, but this one was spontaneous and I really like the looks of it. My experience is that these accidental compositions are some of the best ones. The question then is, how do we as artists create the conditions for these happy accidents? Perhaps the key is to mess around with our materials a lot so that new things can jump out at us.

I solved the binding issue on this piece by doing a blanket stitch with pearl cotton by hand all around the edge. Then I slip stitched that brocade strip to the back on one side so that it extends over the edge. I'm liking the looks of these unfinished edges. One of my challenges is to not automatically turn every edge under. The larger photo makes it look wavy-edged, but I just need to block it more.

This is a small piece, 11x21. It's really the perfect size for a devotional item that one person will use for meditation.


Debra Spincic said...

I know the answers to your artistic question but you'll have to join the Artist's Way to find out. *wink*

I say you are on the right track--showing up at the page every day. Lesley also mentioned it--giving yourself permission to play and to work even just a few minutes everyday.

And, then, there is luck. . . .

Rian said...

I like this a lot. The lace looks like one of those cinder-block walls circa 1970.

Barbara C said...

Oh no, don't tell me I'm missing all the creativity secrets by not doing the Artist's Way! I've read the book before, but I don't remember many details. Well, I guess if I want the answers I'll have to get the book down from the bookshelf. The tricky part will be to figure out what work obligation I'm going to let go of in order to do this. That may be my task for the new year, to re-establish priorities around work and art.

Yes, Rian I also feel that this piece has that 60s "modern" architectural look. There's something very appealing about that style--very clean and sleek.

Debra Spincic said...

That's funny--I saw cinder blocks too!