Thursday, November 17, 2005

Almost Ready for Quilting

Madonna with pinned borders
My original intent with this wallhanging was to use the paisley border that came on the bottom of this linen fabric. Once the wallhanging was constructed, the border seemed too much. Likewise, I thought about using 2 striped fabrics that I had bought for the project. They didn't have any specialness about them either. So, 3 of the border choices were abandoned. I am going to have a top thin border but it is folded under the bottom rose fabric. I haven't cut it yet.

I thought that I would embellish this piece heavily too. Once the lace fragments (many of them are hand crochetted or tatted) were sewn on, I liked them enough by themselves that I doubt I will do much more embellishing, except to add some buttons in key spots.

I have enjoyed the machine stitching as embellishments. The linen has been a bit of a challenge. It wants to stretch out of shape. But, I like the way the brown gives the lace importance and makes the whole piece look very old fashioned.printed tape

Once I attach the borders, I will begin the handquilting. The stitches on my test sample sunk into the linen due to the coarseness of the fabric but I think I will still be able to get the impression that I love with handquilting. teadyed linen

The overall piece is about 45 x 35 inches. This doily was teadyed because it turned out to be "too white" for the composition.

rubberstamped roserubberstamped rose on taffeta for the border

I have wanted to make something that was reminiscent of an old fashioned dress with apron or lace blouse. I think this recalls that feeling. I envision Mary wearing something like this wallhanging--like a pioneer woman's prairie ensemble.


Allison said...

Debra, this is really lovely. That machine of yours has some very nice stitches, too!...your use of them is a perfect fit for this piece, too. Very harmonious.

I wonder if next time you use a loose weave like the linen, you might consider interfacing it first, with a very VERY light fusible knit light that it wouldn't impede the hand might even make the stitching stand out a bit more. Once I started interfacing my oddball fabrics, I have never stopped.

Barbara C said...

I like that you used distressed lace, and it was interesting to read on your blog that you'd distressed it yourself.