Sunday, August 28, 2005

Yes, I'm STILL beading...

So I've decided to show you some of the other projects I've been working on lately. I've added these and other photos to my webshots, which you can access through the link on the right.
First, I recently finished a new scrap quilt, and here's a peek:

Scrap quilts really are my favorites. I love seeing how they unfold as you go along.

I've also added a new album to my photos called Recyled Fashion. In it I'm showing a few projects that, in the vein of scrap quilting, are meant to use up things that are more or less at hand, or which give new life to otherwise tired objects. Here's two handbags:

I'v also jumped in on the skirt bandwagon and recyled a skirt of my own, though it's not as fancy as Debra's. Here's my finished skirt.

I show the steps for the skirt in my webshots, as well as comments on all of the projects here, in my photo album.

I know Debra has ideas she'll be showing soon for her next Madonna quilt, and I do too. In the meantime, I'll be beading...

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Debra Spincic said...

Great idea with the skirts! It's a crime to let that great fabric go unused!! I bet you'll get a lot of good wears out of that skirt now.