Monday, August 01, 2005

Border Options

I've got the main elements sewn down for this quilt. Everything else will be embellishments added after the quilting. As you can see, I used Rian's suggestion and photographed a burning votive, and I think it came out nicely. I used iron-on phototransfer sheets, so the image is kind of shiny, which I like.

Now that I reached this stage, I realized that I have to decide about borders. This is always the hardest part for me: to choose borders that compliment without overpowering the central section. The quilt feels a little plain without borders, so I want to add something that will make the quilt "pop" more. I plan to extend the flowers from the bouquet onto the border.

The first couple of options are in blues and greens, but the white in the ribbon and in the half-square triangles, I think, are too light.

I also pulled out this really wierd fabric with big photographic images of roses. the colors blend well, and thematically it fits, since one of the miracles of the Virgen of Guadalupe was that she made roses appear in the winter.

I was thinking of piecing some 2" blue squares into a border. One of the fabrics is blue with yellow stars.

This last one is my most recent favorite. The border is a vintage bark cloth. Okay, they were once my sister-in-law's mom's drapes. I like the giant flowers.

So now I need feedback. How do these look to you?--Barbara


Debra Spincic said...

here are my first impression thoughts:

I prefer the first picture borders with the triangles pointing out--looks like her aura is projecting out.
Then also use the last large barkcloth print next to the triangles as a second border. I think it is a tad large without an introduction from another border. Unless you are doing a lot of embellishing, it may overpower your composition. Also, you want room for your vase flowers and they could rest on the triangular border without competing with the large barkcloth roses.
My least favorite is the photographic fabric-looks too new.

What kind of embellishments????huh??!!

Two Madonna Gals said...

Thanks for the ideas. After I posted last night I started thinking about using the green and white border as a first border too, so I'm going to try that and see how it looks. I'm going to add photos of my kids, which I made with transfers and some silver metal. I also have a mirror I want to include, and a small Buddha. The flowers will be made from yo-yos, buttons and beads. I'm also going to bead the Virgen. It makes my fingers hurt just to think about it.--Barbara

Debra Spincic said...

I used a lot of those beads on a string that can be zigzagged on for my Madonna. I have also seen a tip where you can string your own beads and then zigzag over them like the beads on string. You do have to have a special foot but it is worth buying since it saves so much time. You might consider that approach.