Monday, August 01, 2005

Safe Arrival--Time to Wait

Note in my mailbox from the curator of the Hoffman Challenge that my piece had arrived. And, No, she did not comment that when the box fell on her foot, she broke her toe!

Now all we can do is . . . .Wait! I can do that--I grew up in the Army, whose slogan is "Hurry Up and Wait!" Second nature here. I just hope My Lady is getting to know the other ladies and recognizes Rian's Flamenco! and goes over for a chat. I'm sure she will. . . .:-)


Rian said...

So we get to see the two ladies hanging out together in Houston? Very cool! Good luck to you, Debra, this is an astonishing piece. And I can say I knew you when...

Debra Spincic said...

Rian, you are too cool with your comments! I am sure that Flamenco! will be accepted. I am still wondering if I used enough of the challenge fabric but who knows until the final statement is told.

What was scary about the piece is that "it matched my house"--& you worry about Garish?? LOL!