Monday, August 22, 2005

Little Miracles

"Milagritos," literally "little miracles" are charms that people put on a saint's image to show that a favor was granted, often some kind of healing. The charms are frequently body parts: arms, legs, hearts, eyes, whole bodies, or animals or houses or other objects. In this age of electronic commerce, I found mine on Ebay and put them both on the Virgin's robe (like Debra did on her quilt) and also in the inner border.

I'm also showing the whole composition at this point.

I'm going to bead the gold half-square triangles in the inner border, and I'm probably going to add a couple of more things to the doily area.

I used photo transfer to add pictures of my kids. They're my Big Miracles. In my son's picture, he's sporting his summer Mohawk hairdo. In my daughter's picture she's wearing her prom dress.--Barbara


Debra Spincic said...

Did you use rickrack around the robe? I like that!

The Mohawk! when will it ever go away??

Your piece is looking just wonderful---such an interesting style and I think you have done wonders with all the various techniques. I am enjoying your progress pictures very much.

Two Madonna Gals said...

Yes, I had some black and gold rickrack--probably from Dorothy, because I've never seen anything like it in the store. And of course, the Mohawk never seems to go out of style--a classic.

Sonji Hunt said...

This is a great piece. Lots of fun. I wonder what your kids will say about being immortalized like that in twenty years.

Rian said...

I am having so much fun watching this piece evolve. The little arms and legs are a hoot and I really dig the photos of the kids on the table.