Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ready for Lift-off!

Wow, Debra, you're so fast. It seems we've been working on this project for less than a week, and we already have our own blogspot. This will be so fun!

So here' about me. I'm Barbara Curiel, and I've been quilting for 5 years. I've sewn practically all my life, and I knit and do the typical crafty things, but this quilting thing is my true passion. I see the world through a quilter's eyes. I've been in Debra's artimage challenge where we've made a quilt a month in response to a prompt, and I love the combination of making art with fiber. When it's the best, it feels like playing.

So now we're doing this Madonna Idea as an artistic collaboration. I think we have a great give and take and we give each other great ideas and suggestions. And why the madonna? Well, I'm the catholic of the pair of us, though in that once-a-catholic-always-a-catholic way they tell you about in parochial school. But the vigin is an important image of womanhood and motherhood in western culture. I hope we'll see what else she's telling us.

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