Tuesday, February 07, 2006

More Blocks Added

Here are a few progress photos (and an experiment with writing on photos!)

Almost Done with Piecing
Almost done with the borders--should measure about 40" square when done

Side Border Blocks
Side border Blocks

Shiny Fabric
Shiny Fabric in the Blocks


Rian said...

Deb, this is really looking great! I especially love the crazy border. And the shiny fabric--bellissimo!

Two Madonna Gals said...

Barbara made me use that disco fabric! It just melts when I even whisper "iron" in its presence. Who thought we wanted to wear that stuff??

I am quite pleased. Now, to figure out the embellishments. I can't get too carried away because I still have the AIC to do. I think I have an idea that I got from this piece--love how that happens!