Sunday, October 09, 2005

Raw Ingredients

The wheels of my brain are spinning. I'm thinking about my next Madonna quilt, which I refer to as my Gold Madonna, because I've decided to use gold as my predominant color. Of course some of my best supplies are recycled items from my inherited stash and from my thrift store adventures. Here are some of the goodies I'm working with.

I found this beaded silk East Indian tunic a couple of years ago. The tunic has some grease stains on the front--I'm sure this was someone's party frock, but the beading is fabulous. I think I'll cut off the beaded section and use it as a kind of temple structure over an image. I think I'll use the good parts of the silk as well, probably with interfacing because it's quite thin.

These lace bits are a recent thrift store find, and the circular beaded thingie was a recent score from Big Lots.

And look what I also found the same day I found the lace: a partially-embroidered Virgin Mary. I kind of like her in her partially-constructed state.

This linen and gold thread napkin would be a great canvas for a photo transfer. And I have a whole jar of the gold buttons with lady heads on them in my stash.
So here's what's going into the soup. Let's see how it comes out.


Debra Spincic said...

I guess you learned from your last Madonna that prebeaded is the way to go!!!

Nice group of supplies! Does that mean it is time to start??

Rian said...

Barbara, glad to see you spinning again. Debra calls it buzzing, and I call it flashing. But whatever you call it, it's the best part of the creative process. It really carries you along, as if it comes from the other side--I totally revel in this part of the process (the reality of beading comes soon enough). I just know this is going to be an inspired piece already!

PS: I really like the circular bead thing from Big Lots.

Debra Spincic said...

I bought the "right" box of transparencies yesterday for inkjet printers! Yikes! $45! Now I will really have the heebee geebees about messing up a transfer!

I do think the better transfers will be the ones that have the darker, deeper colors. The pale Madonnas just don't seem to have enough ink to transfer well.
Once again, something new to learn.

Two Madonna Gals said...

Wow 45 bucks. And I cringe when I spend 10 on the transfer sheets. Yikes! Barbara